Welcome to Moseley Ecycles


Kit and fit at your home!!

Helping the environment!!

  • If You Want a Good Ebike, Electrify a Good Bike!
  • Keep the bike you like – your bike!
  • Or get a new one that is exactly what you want
  • All done at your home at a convenient time
  • Why Get an Ebike?
  • Make hills and longer journeys possible
  • Avoid and help reduce traffic congestion
  • Get to your destination more quickly
  • Get to work without arriving sweaty
  • Easier to carry heavy loads, especially uphill
  • Cycle where cars can’t go
  • Keep cycling for longer
  • Makes riding effortless
  • Use as much or as little assistance as you want
  • Avoid health risks from crowding on public transport
  • Fresh air!
  • Save money on other transport costs
  • Why Convert an Existing Bike?
  • Save money! An ebike of equivalent quality can cost more than twice as much
  • Get a bike you’re happy with and comfortable riding – your bike!
  • Don’t compromise on bike quality
  • Reduce waste by reusing an existing bike
  • Want to change your bike? Transfer your kit!
  • Why Moseley Ecycles?
  • We come to you and at a time convenient for you
  • No waiting for your bike to come back
  • Free check to see if your bike is suitable for conversion
  • We show you the kit and how it fits before you agree anything
  • We have the latest kits, road tested by us
  • We have experience from converting many bikes and the know-how to tackle unexpected issues
  • Twelve month warranty
  • We operate in Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas. Get in touch to check your area
  • COST
  • ONLY £595
  • Includes everything you need: kit, fitting and custom power wheel build
  • Technical Specifications
  • Assists up to 15.5mph
  • Can still be used as a non-powered bike
  • Adjust power level and put in as much effort as you want
  • Over 40km per charge
  • Front wheel drive
  • UK road legal: 250W, 15.5mph, pedal required
  • 36V 7AH battery
  • Includes everything: motor, display, charger, fittings, battery with integrated controller NB some cheaper kits have separate controllers, taking up more room on the bike
  • Not all electric bike kits are the same or come supplied with all components. They can also be difficult to fit without the right skills or knowledge. Our trained and experienced staff use the latest high quality kits and provide all extras so you are ready to go. We have identified the most suitable kit options based on rider experience, and will confirm with you first if a kit can be fitted to your bike.

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